Copyright 1990-present Joe O'Shea, Jr.
O'Shea Communications

With more than 14 years of communications experience, I offer the following affordable services and abilities:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Design
  • Web development/design
  • Planning
  • A keenly developed news sense
  • Flexible attitude

Although I currently work full time for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Communications Department, I do find time to handle freelance assignments.

If accepting a writing assignment for a print or Web periodical, I first determine the focus of a story. I then engage in meticulous research, conduct interviews, handle photography, and deliver a very well-written, engaging piece -- always by deadline.

If undertaking a corporate or small business assignment, I work with the client to establish communications needs, determine audiences, and develop the most cost-effective vehicles that will promote an organization's cause.

As a daily newspaper veteran who continues to freelance write on a part-time basis, I have an excellent "nose" for news. My keenly developed news sense enables me to determine the newsworthiness of a story or a client's message, to discover what will pique a particular audience's interest.

Then, taking a client's budget into consideration, I determine what communications vehicles will be best to reach a particular audience, whether it's a Web site, a newsletter, a brochure, an advertisement, an e-mail note, a business letter, a clever promotional item, or a media relations effort.

And while I do my best to steer a client in the right direction, I am not stubborn. I take direction well. My flexible attitude enables me to work with virtually anyone, from a small business owner to a vice president of corporate communications.

Most importantly, I want my work to positively affect a client's bottom line.