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Must-See E-mail

Compilation of Must-See Emails, written by Joe O'Shea for Palm, Inc., employees from June 2000 to May 2001

Palm & Industry News Briefs:

Palm will dominate: Palm Chairman of the Board Eric Benhamou told Reuters that he expects Palm to continue to dominate the handheld market. Although there's talk of a recession in 2001, the chairman says that some “sectors will remain reasonably immune to this, including handheld computing.” For more on Benhamou's comments from the World Economic Forum, visit [Web site now offline.]

Palms woo educators: In an eSchool News roundup piece on the 21 st Annual Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), writer Cara Branigan wrote about the Palm Education Pioneer Awards program. Palm was among dozens of corporate participants hoping to woo the thousands of educators and administrators at the show. For more on the show and Palm's awards program, visit: [Web site now offline.]

Palm, Inc.
Palm CEO Carl Yankowski (far left) joins other Palm executives in reaching out to the American military.


Palm salutes military: This week, Carl Yankowski spoke to military personnel at Maxwell Air Force Base in Gunter Annex, Ala. His presentation, "The World in Your Palm," addressed Palm's role in how the Department of Defense is defining new models for wireless e-government. Carl, who also detailed how the USS Constellation utilizes Palm handhelds, said, "Wireless enterprise computing is the new frontier, and Palm is the catalyst for that change."

Hawaii hosts Palm inventors confab: The annual Palm Inventors Conference was held this week in Waikiloa, on the big island of Hawaii. Palm patent holders from around the world gathered to share ideas, discuss Palm's Wireless Internet Solutions strategy, and enjoy the beauty of the Aloha State. Carl Yankowski was scheduled to kick off the event, but was shanghaied at the last minute into handling merger and acquisition matters in Santa Clara. He instead sent a video greeting. "Aloha, everyone," he said. "You've worked very hard and deserve this break in Hawaii. Building Palm's intellectual capital is one of the most important things that we do, and you're our leadership edge in that regard."

Program bugs handheld devices: This week, CNet first reported that a handheld computer bug known as "Palm_Liberty.A" has affected Palm handhelds and Handspring devices. Reuters and ZDNet later reported the news, and the San Jose Mercury News ran a prominent story on handheld viruses on Friday. Palm_Liberty.A, in truth, is not a virus. Rather it's a malicious program known as a Trojan horse, dubbed so because it's disguised by its creator as a beneficial program. In the Mercury News piece, Palm spokesperson Julia Rodriguez said, "To date, we've been unable to confirm that any user data has been affected by a virus or a Trojan horse. We believe that as handhelds and other devices -- like phones, pagers and even cars -- become increasingly connected through wireless or wireless connections to the Internet and to e-mail, the threat of malicious software will naturally become greater than it is today."

Palm makes Red Herring list: Red Herring magazine selected Palm, Inc. as one of The Red Herring 100 Most Important Companies in the World. The magazine recently published its annual guide to the most dynamic companies in the digital economy, including the top 50 public and the top 50 private firms. Visit to view the list.

Guardian picks Palm: Palm, Inc. made another, more humorous list this summer. The San Francisco Bay Guardian picked Palm, Inc. as the winner of its "Best Way to Pose as a Techie" award. Don't ask, just visit and click on the Urban Living bar in the Editors Picks column.

What a difference a year makes: Michael R. Zimmerman of eWeek was one person who noticed that Palm CEO Carl Yankowski's first anniversary with Palm took place yesterday. To mark the occasion, Zimmerman wrote a piece about Yankowski, a consumer electronics veteran, and his thoughts on his first year at Palm. Carl's biggest surprise? “I didn't knw this market was going to be this hot,” he said in an interview at PalmSource yesterday. For more on Zimmerman's look at the Palm boss, visit: [Web site now offline.]

Palm, Inc.
According to Palm COO Alan Kessler, Palm has already established a beachhead in the enterprise space.

Palm establishes “business beachhead”: In a roundup article, Richard Shim of CNet News led with Palm COO Alan Kessler's keynote address that kicked off PalmSource on Wednesday. According to Kessler, Palm has already made an impact in the business world, effectively establishing a “beachhead” from which to operate. Shim also made note of Palm accommodating Visual Basic and Java programmers. To read how Palm has already established corporate inroads, what some analysts are saying about Palm, and more Palm news, visit: [Web site now offline.]

Host of new features promised in 2001, but only if: A number of new Palm features are promised for 2001, but only if they don't compromise the Palm platform's simplicity and elegance, writes CNet News' Richard Shim. According to Shim, who reported on Palm Vice President Michael Mace's speech on Wednesday, Mace says the trick to adding new bells and whistles to the Palm – MP3 playback, enhanced multimedia – is to do it without forcing them on people who don't want them. “Only 15 percent of Palm users want an integrated MP3 player,” Mace said. “Why force them on (the other 85 percent)?” To read on, visit [Web site now offline.]

ABC News holiday gift review Yeah, yeah, we know; another holiday gift guide. But really, who can live without them? ABC News' Sascha Segan reports that mobile Internet knick-knacks are experiencing growing pains, but reports that there are some viable options, including some Palm products. For more on Segan's report card, visit: [Web site now offline.]

Handspring CEO Hawkins engages in a “shagadelic conversation”: At PalmSource, Handspring CEO Jeff Hawkins defended the Palm OS in a rather unconventional fashion. After displaying disparaging comments about the Palm OS made by Microsoft and Symbian executives, Hawkins engaged in a “chat” with Symbian boss Colly Myers, who lives in England. To read about this tongue-in-cheek phone call, made on Hawkins' Visor, read The Register article: [Web site now offline.]

A question of privacy: The Federal Trade Commission gathered a variety of sources – consumer protection, privacy, industry and government professionals – in Washington, DC, for two days this week to discuss security and privacy matters for the expanding wireless industry. To read the TechWeb article, click here: [Web site now offline.]

Whither Bluetooth? So, will Bluetooth play a bigger role in the emerging smartphone market, or will it vault PDAs to the top of the heap? That's the question posed by Wired News writer Elisa Batista, who covered the Bluetooth Developers Conference in San Jose last week. The argument whittles down to wheter or not people want to carry two devices in their pockets – PDAs or phones. To read more about this emerging issue, click here: [Web site now offline.]

In brief: Canadian Press and Reuters reported on the September introduction of Sony Corp.'s handheld computer that will use the Palm OS. . . . . . CNet noted that Palm, Inc.'s lockup period expired on August 29 with little or no change in stock price. . . . . . In Los Angeles, Palm, Inc. and CreSenda Wireless announced recently that they have entered into an OEM agreement. Palm, Inc. will provide Palm Vx handhelds and the Palm OS software for CreSenda's first product line, WirelessRealty (SM), a residential real estate industry solution. . . . . . Phoenix-based iBiz Technology Corporation introduced several new personal digital assistant accessories designed for the Palm IIIc, including the iBiz Folding Travel Cradle, the iBiz Vehicle Lighter Adapter/Charger and the iBiz A/C Charger. . . . . . Handheld sales should double this year, according to an NPD Intelect report recently cited by CNet. . . . . . According to a press release issued by Broadbeam Corporation, Broadbeam and Palm, Inc. announced that Broadbeam will deliver wireless development tools for the Palm VIII handheld. . . . . . To check out the new Windows Media Player 7 for Pocket PC, click here: [Web site now offline.]

Palm Sightings:
Palm co-stars on DAG:
“PalmPilots” were mentioned on a recent episode of DAG, the Tuesday-night sitcom that features a secret service agent (David Allan Grier) assigned to protect a fictional first lady (Delta Burke). In this episode, while the first family was on a holiday shopping spree, one of Grier's fellow agents remarked that we live in a material world of CD players, Palm Pilots and other technical trinkets. (Like it or not, the PalmPilot moniker appears to have stuck – at least in pop culture circles.)

Palm “bounces” into a movie: Also on the Hollywood front, a Palm Vx is scheduled to appear in the Gwyneth Paltrow-Ben Affleck flick, “Bounce,” which is currently showing. A latter-day Hepburn and Tracy, Paltrow and Affleck collaborate in an intriguing drama with a twist. At the beginning of the show, Affleck's character gives up his seat on an airline for another man, and the plane crashes. A year after the incident, Affleck checks in on the widow (Paltrow) of the man who took his seat. He finds himself falling in love with the young woman, who doesn't know why he came to visit her in the first place. During the film, Affleck's character finds that the Palm Vx comes in handy.

Beam me in, Scottie: A recent issue of Travel & Leisure noted that a hotel in Cambridge, Mass., a high-tech hotbed in its own right, will soon allow its guests to check in with their Palm OS handheld. This spring, the Charles Hotel will launch an interface that permits guests to use any Palm OS-enabled handheld with infrared capability to bypass the front desk and unlock the room door. The "room key" is beamed to you, and you'll even be able to settle your bill in similar fashion.

For you armchair Sherlock Holmses: Looking for evidence of the pervasiveness of handheld computing? Just pick up a remote and look at this season's holiday commercials. PDAs play a role in commercials from Staples, Best Buy and Heineken.

“Kiss” of approval for Palm: One of the longest-running morning drive radio shows in Boston, “Matty in the Morning” on Kiss 108 FM, just gave away a Palm IIIc in a contest that's running this week.

Family Palm A Palm appears in the movie-fable “Family Man,” starring Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni. Cage stars as Jack Campbell, an ask-questions-later Wall Street investment banker/playboy at the top of both of his games. One day, he daydreams of the life he could have led had he married his college sweetheart, Leoni. Just as Jack closes in on a killer deal, he wakes up to find himself in the shoes of Jack Campbell, family man.

Angelic plug: These aren't your parents' Angels. Although John Forsythe returns as the voice of Charlie, this new generation of Charlie's Angels is a bit more violent, a bit more daring, and a bit more technically proficient. In the new “Charlie's Angels” movie, in theaters now, the Angels discover a handheld computer among the belongings of a man they're tracking. The computer is a non-Palm device, but, ironically, the Angels refer to it as a “Palm Pilot.”

Palm Pilot riot in Florida? Boston radio talk show host Peter Blute, a former Massachusetts Republican congressman, has somehow brought “Palm Pilots” into the presidential election discussion. Blute has jokingly referred to a vocal-but-peaceful Republican demonstration in Florida as the “Palm Pilot Riot,” poking fun at the Democrats' assertion that the demonstration was a riot.

And the Emmy for best handheld goes to . . . . Palm: The Palm Vx(TM) Emmy Awards Exclusive Edition, or the Emmy Palm, will appear on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday, September 5, and on "Entertainment Tonight" on Wednesday, September 6. US and In Style magazines will run pieces on the Emmy Palm in the September 6 and November issues, respectively.

Palm has Sox appeal: During a recent WCVB-TV news broadcast in Boston, video clips of a press conference concerning the new Fenway Park proposal showed Boston Red Sox General Manager Dan Duquette utilizing a Palm handheld. While other principals were speaking, Duquette sat beside the lectern, writing on his Palm.

Invest with your Palm: In a Fidelity Investments ad aired during the Buick Open golf tournament in August, an actor was depicted making a trade on his Palm handheld.

Shady dealings: A recent NBC "Dateline Undercover" feature focused on urban electronics stores' penchant for charging exorbitant rates. A Palm V, for example, was sold for approximately three times its suggested retail price.

A Palm-Honda marriage? Palm was prominently mentioned on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" on August 24. Host Jon Stewart made a rather racy comment about the Palm Pilot and a Honda robot . . . .

A Palm on trial? A Palm is playing a significant role in a sensational Las Vegas murder trial. Defense attorneys for Rick Tabish and Sandra Murphy, recently convicted of murdering millionaire casino owner Ted Binion, have claimed that their clients didn't receive a fair trial. One of the reasons, reported by The Las Vegas Sun, is that a juror used a Palm handheld to read media reports about the case during the trial. The juror refutes the claim. The judge promises a decision on September 8.

You know you've reached pop icon status when . . . You're mentioned in a comic book. That happened to Palm in The Titans: Secret Files and Origins No. 2, when one character said to another, "How did you get his number?" The other responded, "Where else? Your Palm Pilot." . . .You appear on MTV. During an episode of "The Real World: New Orleans," characters were shown playing with a Palm.

Take stock in your future:
Open Enrollment for the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is open from Sept. 5-27. New and transfer employees can enroll in the Palm ESPP for the 24-month offering period that begins on October 2, 2000. Employees are eligible if their customary employment with Palm is at least 20 hours per week and more than five months in any calendar year. Current participants need do nothing, unless they wish to increase or reduce their contributions.

Palm will purchase stock for those currently enrolled in the program on September 29. Employees can view the purchases online at their designated broker's site on October 1.

The current enrollment and change periods are processed through the Lotus Notes Palm Stock Administration database. This database may be added through the Lotus Notes Palm Notes homepage under Corporation. NOTE: this database was moved to a Palm server during the spinoff. Click here to add the database to your Lotus Notes Workspace: (Document link: Database 'Stock Administration', View 'OTC/ESPP Information')

Employees unable to access this database may request forms directly from Stock Administration. Have all your questions answered at the ESPP Q&A sessions being held in the Chuck Yeager room on Tuesday, September 12, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and on Tuesday, September 19, from 1:00 to 1:30 p.m. For further information including key dates, the plan document and frequently asked questions (FAQs), please see the Stock Administration Web site on PalmTree (click on Stock Quote in the upper right-hand corner).

Site Services Update
Human Resource forms -- such as New Hire and Job Change forms -- are on Palm's Guide to HR Lotus Notes Database. These must be submitted electronically in order for work to be done by Site Services/Space Planning. Do not print and submit hard copies. The Space Planning/Move and Rearrangement functions will now be handled by Palm effective Sept. 1. As processes are cloned from 3Com, they will be updated to fit Palms needs.

A Safe Haven
After splitting with 3COM, Palm now has its own Security and Safety Team. A new Palm Security Control Center has been established that will be open round the clock all year long. New emergency (33333) and assistance (62677) numbers are now in effect.

Michael John, Palm's new director of Security, Environmental, Health and Safety, has created a security and safety team with the help of Allied Security. This group -- which consists of Michael, Palm-Allied Account Manager Michael Smith, and security and safety associates -- will process calls for assistance, respond to incidents and patrol buildings.

Michael John welcomes questions and suggestions at x67506 or at

Palm Survivor Stories
"Thrilla" in Manila:
While in Manila recently, a Palm user was walloped by a flash flood while in his car. The driver, fortunately, scrambled to safety, but his Palm Vx(TM), IBM notebook and HP computer drowned. The IBM and HP were total losses, and so, he thought, was his Palm handheld. According to our intrepid user, water between the Palm organizer's touch screen and LCD display made it look "kinda like a lava lamp." He shook the water out and left the Palm to dry. "Then I said, 'What the hell,' and put it back in the cradle," recalls our man. "The damn thing booted up. The data was lost, but the Palm is working perfectly. I will be a loyal customer forever."

Spin City:
Another water-based disaster struck our second user, who was staying at a buddy's place for the weekend. The host's girlfriend kindly washed the guest's clothes, but she didn't check the pockets of his dungarees, one of which held his Palm V(TM). One spin cycle later, she discovered her costly error. "That's one way of cleaning up the hard drive," the user recalls thinking. They dried the handheld with towels and left it out overnight. He tried to start it the next day once, then twice, but the Palm failed to respond. "I gave it CPR a third time and it came on," the user says. "I started howling, 'Woo hoo, it works!' I just had to write your company and tell you how impressed I am with this incredible machine."

Do you have an intriguing Palm story begging to be told? Wins you want to share with the worldwide Palm team? Has a fellow engineer pinpointed a software glitch that saved the company money? Has a colleague created a novel approach to building the Palm Economy? Do you know a co-worker totally engaged in a fascinating hobby? If so, let us know. Send your story ideas to [e-mail address deleted]

Bulletin Board
The Silicon Valley Palm Users Group will conduct its monthly meeting in MPR Building 9 on Thursday, September 7, at 6:00 p.m. This month, featured speaker Ginger Holt of Omnisky will discuss her firm's wireless modem product for Palm handhelds. For location, contact Dave Lloyd at x61849.

Palm's Annual Picnic for regular employees will be held on Sunday, September 17 at Coyote Ranch in South San Jose. Please pick up your tickets from Donna Gafford, Sara Webber or Nikki Polisso on the second floor of building 9 before September 12.